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Protecting Your Investment

You've spent numerous days writing your software and now it's time to deploy. How will you keep it from being simply copied? How will you make sure that every installation is a real purchase? That's what we do. Our system provides an online activation service that prevents your application from being simply copied from machine to machine.

Online Activation

Add online activation to your software and protect your investment. Hundreds of thousands of applications are copied every day by users that should be paying for their use. Protect your product by requiring each installation to verifty its key code online. We offer a fully encrypted solution that protects against duplication, impersonation, and forgery exploits.

Start Small

You want your application to sell, and so do we. We also understand that sometimes you have to start small. We start by giving you a small set of key codes as part of your subscription. As your software sells, you can simply add more key codes. This allows you to only buy what you need. And they get added on a per product basis. There's no need to waste money on a product that's failing to sell.

How It Works - In A Nutshell

Once you create an account, you'll be given the option to register your products. The licensing engine will generate an RSA private and public key for each of your products and provide you the public key. The engine will also furnish you with a set of key codes.

Key codes are those wonderful things we love to type in when we buy software and usually look something like
"XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX". When it's time for a user to authenticate, your application will use the furnished public key to encode the key code they've purchased, along with unique machine details to create an authentication token. That token gets sent to us for immediate authentication.

Once authenticated, your application saves the authentication token and compares it's validity at runtime to assure a legitimate copy. This methodology prevents your application from being copied from machine to machine by simply knowing the key code and registration password. See the PDF version of How It Works for the pretty graphics.